Platform-changing machining technology is making manufacturers more cost competitive

Manufacturers in North America must balance a multitude of issues to stay profitable. Increased competition from overseas manufacturing with its access to cheap labor, the reduced availability of qualified workers in the manufacturing trades, and tightening employee and environmental regulatory...

Dayton’s AFC Tool Sees “Incredible” Material Removal Rates

DAYTON, Ohio – As a supplier to industries that demand near perfection in price-sensitive markets, AFC Tool, a division of FC Industries, is always on the lookout for ways to improve productivity, manufacturing processes and the bottom line. It found one way with the high-performance toolpath engine...

Manchester Job Shop Cuts Cycle Times in Half Using VoluMill

Spartan Aerospace mills some of the toughest stuff around. Inconel 718, Waspalloy, Rene 41—these are just a few of the high-temp superalloys that keep machinists awake at night. Sometime in early 2011, Engineering Manager Lionel Andújar grew tired of watching their legacy CAM system send...

Air Force Sustainable Manufacturing Success

The U.S. Air Force, always known for “pushing the envelope” with the hardware and technology it puts in the sky, also is actively seeking a competitive advantage with the way aircraft and weapons systems are developed and manufactured. Bringing new assets to the flight line faster and at lower cost not only provides tactical and strategic...

AMS Case Study - Restored Competitiveness and improved win rate

Advanced Machining Systems (AMS), founded in 2002 in Bend, Oregon, is a full-service CNC machining and design shop that specializes in precisionmachined components. This includes incubators for medical research companies, aerospace hydraulic systems, interior parts and life support systems for...

Bob's Design Case Study - Stays Competitive with Overseas Manufacturers

Attention to detail and continuous manufacturing process improvements led Bob’s Design Engineering, Inc. to a lucrative contract producing components for a Fortune 100 electronics company a year and a half ago. Another development enabled the company to keep the contract when it recently came up for ...

McMillan Machine Case Study - Firearms manufacturer sees windfall savings

The Business Challenge
When a Navy Seal takes aim at a target through the scope of his TAC™- 50 McMillan Tactical Rifle, he does so with confidence in his weapon-maker’s nearly 40 years of precision firearms manufacturing.

Optima Case Study - Machining components for the energy industry

Optima Manufacturing is located in the heart of Canada’s vital oil and gas industry, which stretches from coast to coast, but has deep roots and an annual $39 billion market in Alberta alone. By virtue of its location, 90 percent of the company’s business is machining components for the energy industry.

PTD Case Study - Automotive, Agriculture 208% productivity increase

Performance Tool and Die (PTD), a leading tooling provider for the automotive, agriculture, and recreation industries, was looking for ways to decrease forces on the material during cutting, increase tool life, and reduce cycle time—seemingly contradictory objectives.

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